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The entire team of Causette is pleased to welcome you to its restaurant to the frame vintage woody. Come sit at home around one of our tables and indulge yourself with a warm family atmosphere and Sandrine Nicolas who always lend an ear to your requests. Then follows the contentment of your taste buds lavished by the generous gourmet cuisine of Chef Richard.

The latter, with its long experience in Paris, you will always offer a choice menu many and varied and rigorous work fresh, homemade and seasonal.

"It is in the old pots that the best jams on facts"

Accuracy of this adage forces, Chief Master happened in the classics that marked the French cuisine. Of pot casserole sauce kidneys three mustards fought the way through VGE casserole calf's head bitch sauce, his dishes will immerse you in an atmosphere of sweet nostalgia.

also sensitive to the "modern" kitchen, Chef Richard will never be afraid to bring the exotic in the design of the card: Working around the Tonka bean, Yuzu lemon certain fish "just fried" or even of some classic revisited as toast or Vacherin.

Proud of our "little gastronomic haven" we expect to share with you this special time.

Warmly, The Causette.

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